You are always on the lookout for tips and techniques and know makeup for women over 50 has to be applied a little differently. You also know that applying makeup is an art so you make time to learn the beauty secrets.

You look forward to experimenting with that vibrant eye shadow and to trying the latest, greatest mascara (the latest is always the greatest!) And my favorite color lipstick is red ... of course.

Our beauty needs change over time. Ageing happens gradually. Many women continue to habitually apply their makeup, not seeming to notice that the canvas of their face has changed. Gazing at our face in the mirror, we gasp in horror as we notice another line has appeared; a line that was not there yesterday. In our sorrow, we fail to notice how that line has added to the strength and character of our face.


Women of any age wear makeup to enhance what natural beauty they have and downplay those features they wish they didn’t have. That doesn't mean you have to listen to the 'beige brigade' they who delight in telling you what not to wear.

Claim your right to create a soft, natural look or to go for something more dramatic. Okay, no-one wants to be accused of being 'mutton dressed up as lamb', but makeup for women over 50 doesn't have to be boring either.

And we don't need to be like those who appear obsessed with having a youthful and flawless look; often producing a tragic result. I love that we are certainly old enough now to choose for ourselves.

This acceptance is the grace, the intrigue and the allure of mature women.

Whatever your personal choice, my website will give you easy, step by step instructions to create the look you want whilst never forgetting those magic words in makeup: blend, blend, blend.

I refuse to be invisible. Whether it is experimenting with red lipstick, the smokey-eye look or simple lip gloss I have FUN and you will too!

inner beauty ~ outer beauty

This website also tackles the question of the makeup 'of' women over 50.

To further explore this, let's assume that makeup for women over 50 is all about 'Outer Beauty'.

It then follows that the makeup of women over 50 is all about 'Inner Beauty'.

To further explore 'Inner Beauty' go to our Over 50 STILL Fabulous site and subscribe to our Women of Wisdom quotes, delivered right to your inbox on an irregular basis.

Ah ... so much to explore; stay tuned. 

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