7 Secrets to Looking Beautiful Despite Your Age

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Looking 'pretty' has never been a priority of mine, even as a much younger woman.

Instead, I have much preferred to aim for an 'attractive' or 'elegant' look.

However, you may find the following comments Alesha posted on my site to be helpful, so I am happy to share them with you.

"Looking fresh and pretty should be a priority in all ages.

Of course when you are younger it’s so easy to experiment when it comes to makeup application, but when you’re already in your forties or fifties, you can’t rock the same looks you used to. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful.

Here is some advice for your makeup dilemmas:

1. Don’t wear colors that are too loud. Wearing eye shadow of varying intensities of the color violet or pink might be easy to rock if you’re still a teenager, but when you’re already old, you need to stick to neutral colors. Neutrals can give you brighter looking eyes that pop up in pictures. Lipstick should also be toned down. Avoid too-dark or too-bright tinges. The key is to go natural.

2. Keep light on the eyeliner. Unless you’re going for the rock star look, too much eyeliner can do the opposite of making you look polished and pretty.

3. Use a brow pencil that’s close to the natural shade of your hair. In line with the natural look, a brow pencil that highlights your brow without making it look out of place should be selected. Remember though that if you dyed your hair a lighter color, you need to find a shade that would work on the natural color of your eyebrow while still complementing your hair color.

4. Choose a blush/bronzer that complements your skin. Remember this: pink undertones work for those with lighter skin, while orange undertones are great for tanned skin.

5. Don’t forget to prime and conceal. If there are wrinkles or dark spots you need to conceal, use a primer first and then a concealer. Afterwards, you can continue with your makeup routine.
6. BB cream works wonders. If you don’t want too much makeup piling up on your face, use a BB cream. There are plenty of variants available and this already works as a concealer, primer, and brightener.

7. Care for your skin from the inside. You could do all kinds of things to look pretty through makeup, but you should not forget that your aging body needs to be taken care of from within. Simply adding some nutritious vegetables and fruits to your diet can help your skin cells regenerate better, thus leading to younger skin. And of course, make sure that you get antioxidants from wine or grapes and berries."

Alesha Wilson

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