It has been said the most appealing lips are those that look kissable.

The art of applying lipstick to shape your lips perfectly is revealed on this page.

Yes, applying lipstick is an art but Leonardo Da Vinci never used a dry, cracked canvas to create his masterpieces and nor should you.

If your lips are not in good condition, no amount of artful application of cosmetics will hide their sorry state. Whatever your age, taking care of your lips is a must so please do not neglect them. All my tips and techniques presuppose your lips are in good condition.

One of the secrets to creating a beautiful looking mouth is learning how to perfectly shape your lips and this can be achieved by using a simple step-by-step technique I call 'Lipstick Lines'.

applying lipstick using lipstick lines

We start with very detailed steps which may seem daunting to you initially but I promise, your dedication to following through each step will be rewarded by your achievement of perfectly shaped lips.

Once you have mastered this technique, you will shorten the step by step process considerably so let's take the first step. 


Using a very sharp, light brown lip pencil, mark the top edge of your upper lip, straight down from the exact centre of each of your nostrils, with two dots.

Tip: When choosing the color of your lip pencil, the makeup gurus say it must be the same shade as your lipstick. I prefer a darker shade, even if it is just one shade darker, then I blend the inside of the lip line with the lipstick colour. Your choice!


Next, mark the top lip, exactly in the centre of the two dots with another dot


At the bottom edge of the bottom lip, draw two more dots, exactly the same distance apart and underneath the two dots on the top lip.


Place a dot at both outside corners of the mouth. These dots must be just slightly above the real corner. This clever tip creates a slight raising of the corners of the mouth giving you a pleasant expression.


Draw straight lines from the two dots on the upper lip to the central dot.


Now draw a straight line between the two dots on the bottom lip.


This step will be a bit tricky initially but it wont take you long to do it perfectly. Pretend you are drawing on a flat surface and connect the dot from the middle of your lip to the corner of your mouth with the intention of drawing a straight line.


Do the same for the other side of the top lip. It is important to move in the same direction for both sides. If you draw from the top of the lip to the corners, the line will naturally slightly round out. Drawing from the corner to the top seems to create a line that does not have this shape. As we want a symmetrical look, make sure you move in the same direction when drawing the lines for each side of the mouth (up or down, that's your choice).


To complete the bottom lip, draw from the corner of the mouth to connect to the middle line. Remember, your intention is to draw a straight line. Don't worry, no-one gets it first off. But practise does make perfect.


Connect the dots on the other side of the bottom lip.

Ensure the lines are joined at the corners of your mouth.

As you can see, there really aren't 10 steps here but this detail is necessary to start with.

Very quickly, you will easily and naturally draw the outline of your lips without having to mark out your perfect proportions first.

Finally, fill in with your favourite colour lipstick.

but my lips are not perfect

I know, I know, I can hear some of you saying "But my lips are not perfect, they are too thin!" This is easily fixed by drawing the outline just outside the natural edge of your lips.

Fill in with a bright red lipstick as this will help your lips to appear fuller.

Okay, so some lips are too full (is that possible?)

Draw your lip outline just inside your natural lip edge then disguise the lip edge with concealer.

What about shapeless or uneven lips?

That's what I love about outlining your lips because you can easily create shape and even up that uneven lip line.

There are times when, after applying lipstick, the colour 'bleeds' into those little lines around the mouth. Certainly a most unattractive look. Taking an extra few seconds to outline and perfect the shape of your mouth will have the added benefit of minimising and even preventing this from happening. Yeah!

Lipstick Lines is a simple technique enabling you to perfectly outline your unique lip shape. After doing this, applying lipstick is the final step to creating your kissable mouth.

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