I shudder when looking at photos of myself as a younger woman. Having 'perfect' eyebrows seemed not important.

Victoria Rose EyebrowsClearly NOT Perfect

I had no understanding of how important eyebrows were for framing the eyes and giving a balanced look to my face. 

Except for a touch of lipstick now and again, my mother never wore makeup. Like mother like daughter, my makeup application skills were sadly limited in my younger years.

not perfect eyebrows

Actually having 'not perfect' eyebrows meant that in high school I was laughed at and called 'hairy eyebrows'. My solution involved plucking them to almost non-existence, because that was the fashion in those days: thin, thin eyebrows (thanks Marlene and all the other culprits).

The result? I ended up with eyebrows that were not doing their job of beautifully framing my eyes.

I finally opted to have permanent eyebrows (It's worth taking a look at the results of that little adventure).

In my 50+ years I am certainly making up for all that lost time of experimentation and eye makeup fun and getting much better results. It certainly helps though, to have a good sense of humour. 

the brows talk

Our eyebrows are an important facial feature yet many women pay little attention to them, some even neglect them. Eyebrows frame our face, adding shape and balance, helping to define our expressions and show our emotions. However, if the first thing you notice on someone is their eyebrows, then their eyebrows are not the right shape.

But what is this so-called ‘right' shape?

Fashion often dictates how to shape your perfect eyebrows, which can result in an unfortunate look. Forget the effect of birthdays and the sun, nothing ages you more than those thin, thin eyebrows.

And I've been challenged by a makeup artist who stated the technique offered on this site is ageing. She claimed the 'right shape' was to lift the eyebrow in the middle and towards the outer edge. Indeed, this can be most attractive and cause you to appear younger. So if it suits you, go right ahead.

Be cautious about lifting your natural shape too high. I'm sure you've seen examples of women who've done this, creating an almost unnatural look. As always, your perfect eyebrows, your decision.

It has been proven in many studies that a ‘balanced' face is considered to be more appealing ... so let’s look at our faces in a scientific manner, for fun. 


Where to start your eyebrows 

Measure the length of one eye.

This length should equal the distance between your eyes. 

Perfect Eyebrows 1Measure Eye Length

If the distance between your eyes is shorter, your eyes are deemed as 'close set'

To help open and balance your face, move brows apart.

If this length is longer, your eyes are deemed as 'wide set'

To help balance your face, move brows closer.

As you can see my eyes are about one eye's length apart.

Perfect eyebrows 2Close Set or Wide Set?

Measure the brow distance

As my eyes are one eye's length apart, my brows should be one eye's length apart. 

Perfect eyebrows 3Measure The Brow Distance

Measure your nose width

For perfect balance, your eye width should equal your nose width.

If not, use eyeshadow to create almond shaped eyes which will give the illusion of balance to your face.

By the way, the sides of your face are naturally different. Look at only the left side, it will not be the same as the right side. So don't be the perfectionist, it doesn't have to be exactly the same on both sides. 

PLEASE keep this rule in mind – You can only work with what you have. Don't chase someone else's eyebrow shape, enhance your own. 

Perfect eyebrows 4Measure Your Nose Width


Find Part 2 HERE 


Full, well-shaped, perfect-for-you eyebrows complete your look, acting as the frame for your beautiful eyes. Many women often make the mistake of going too dark with their brow pencil.

As with all things makeup, there are many different schools of thought on what color your perfect eyebrows should be. I believe the chosen colour should not conquer the eyes but subtly enhance them.

Knowing the eyebrows are considered to be a frame for the eyes gives us an important clue. Would we ever put a much darker frame on a light picture? This will only serve to call attention to the frame itself.

As that is not our intention, consider that just a tone or two lighter than your hair colour will make a big difference to your overall look. However if you are blonde or have grey hair, clearly you have to go darker, but ideally, not more than one or two tones.

Blondes could try a taupe tone. If you have grey hair try a taupe-gray tone.

HOW TO: Eyebrow pencil defines the shape first then filling in with powder gives a softer look. A light brush with baby powder furthers softens the colour and sets it.

Are you the victim of unruly eyebrows?

If you are having trouble taming your brows, please do something about it. It is a distracting experience talking to a woman who has her eyebrows going every which way.

Get a professional to shape your eyebrows, even if you only go once. Then you have the shape and can maintain it yourself on a daily basis. It will be money well spent.

Go Here to Maintain And Pluck Perfect Eyebrows


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