Why Permanent Eyebrows?

Glad you asked ...

Permanent eyebrows can be one of the best investments for busy women and for those who simply want to always have perfectly shaped, beautiful eyebrows.

Our eyebrows are such an important part of our face yet are often badly or hastily applied or even completely neglected.

As you can see in Easy Steps to Perfect Eyebrows my first venture into tattooed eyebrows did not have a happy ending.

Years ago I had decided to invest in permanent makeup as a solution to fading colour in my face and to rescue my viciously plucked eyebrows.

As well as permanent eyebrows, I decided to have my lips outlined and coloured and eyeliner applied to my top and bottom eyelids.

It was a bloody and painful process. Most of the blood came from having my lips done; a process I would never consider again.

Was it all worth it?

Well, it took a while for me to notice one eyebrow was higher than the other.

Also, strangely enough, the tattoos on one side of my face did not ‘take’ as well and eventually ended up being slightly lighter than those on the other side.

So, was it all worth it?

Overall, yes! My eyebrows were more youthful looking, not pencil-thin, and without makeup I did not look so bland. It always is a personal assessment of course.

Lately however, my permanent eyebrows had become a real concern.

Not only were they uneven but also one eyebrow was now considerably lighter than the other: not a good look when I was not wearing makeup at all.

On a recent holiday in Phuket, I decided to correct my uneven eyebrows so boldly ventured forth to research and interview those who were ‘experts’ in tattooed eyebrows.

A big factor in this decision was cost; permanent eyebrows in Phuket were at least a third of the cost in Australia.

Finally I settled on a beautician just around the corner from the hotel I was staying at.

Fara was trained in the new technique (new to me at least) where each individual hair was tattooed. This new technique was more costly and took much longer but I decided to try it as I had already learnt the lesson about ‘results’.

Here are my new eyebrows.
permanent eye makeup

Not entirely a success and given the situation again, I would have my eyebrows done in the country I lived and by someone who spoke my language fluently.

The follow-up is so important and part of the new eyebrows did not take, just like before (Fara explained the old tattoo created difficulty for her). I am not about to hop on a plane to Phuket to have them touched up.

As you can see, not a bad job but could be better. I now have to pay the price for putting money and convenience first. That price is living with eyebrows that still are not how I want them.

If ever I do this again, and I probably will, the highest possibility of quality results will be the absolute and only consideration for my permanent eyebrows.

You might well be asking why permanent eyebrows? Especially when considering the risk of an unwanted 'permanent' look.

That’s easy to answer: eyebrows frame and enhance your eyes. For most of my life I lived with super thin eyebrows. Everyday I wrestled with ‘artfully’ applying eyebrow pencil to achieve a symmetrical, groomed look; often failing dismally.

I struggled with how to arch eyebrows, with how to achieve thicker eyebrows and even with the eyebrow colour.

None of that is of consequence now; the time it takes to apply my makeup is much less, my frustration has been considerably reduced and my eyebrows look good.

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