No other colour gives that instant look of glamour and mystery that red lipstick gives.

Especially when worn with the deceptively simple ‘little black dress’ always an alluring combination. 

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But the question is “How do you find that perfect shade of red?”

Unfortunately, there are some who look tragic with violent red lips.

In the privacy of your own home, grab your digital camera and take some shots of yourself wearing your favourite shade of red.

Not happy?

It could be you are wearing the wrong shade of red or perhaps you have not adapted your overall makeup look to suit wearing such a bright red.


So there you are, standing at your favourite cosmetics counter looking longingly at their range of stunning lipsticks. The immaculate, and sometimes intimidating, beauty consultant walks up and asks if you need any help. Yes you do!

As she helps you choose your perfect red lipstick and applies that colour to your lips you lean forward to study the result in the mirror.

This is a trap!

Here is how one beauty guru describes the lighting conditions at the cosmetic counter - “mind-erasing cosmetic beams of gorgeousness which make you feel like everything is prettier than it really is.”

The cardinal rule of lipstick purchasing is to take a little compact with you and walk outside into daylight to really see the true colour. It is best to judge the color in totally natural light.

Any beauty consultant worth their salt will be perfectly happy for you to do this.

Don’t deal with those that are not.

When you walk outside and find the chosen shade is not flattering, stride right back in and select another shade of red.

Like to look both elegant and sexy? Lipstick in that perfect shade of red plus simple accessories can be easily worn by confident women who are 50+. 

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While trying on multiple shades, ALWAYS remove your lipstick with a little eye makeup remover.

Why you ask? Because if you start to smear off each color with a tissue, your lips get irritated which means they start to redden rendering further lipstick trials utterly useless because the color of your lips will change the color of the lipstick.

Perhaps an intimidating beauty consultant will offer the slight eye-roll, but stay strong.

Even though lipstick isn't going to break the bank, this isn't about money.

It's about feeling like the color of your lips will give you the strength to rule the world, which of course it will. 

Of course there is more to red lipstick than just that wondrous shade. 

Go here to find out the facts on lead in lipstick 


When wearing such a bold and attention-getting colour, it's smart not to over emphasize other features.

Perhaps all your eyes will need is a touch of smouldering eye shadow and a generous application of mascara with a tiny dab of white or shimmer in your inner eye-corners.

Keep your outfit simple and let your red lips be the star of the show. 

Top Tips:

Do you have thin lips?

Try bright red shades, as these colours will enhance your lips.

Do you have thick lips?

Lucky you! Some women inject poison into their lips to get your look but as human beings, we tend to think the grass is always greener on the other side so if you do not like your thick lips, try blue or brown tinted shades of red to tone them down.

Do you have tanned or darker skin?

Try a pink red, which will make your teeth look whiter.

Some cannot wear orange tinted red lipstick as it brings out the yellow tones in their teeth.

Have you noticed that?

So, if you have yellow teeth, stick to the blue red tones.

One Great Way to Discover Your Best Lipstick Color


Did wearing it contribute to a romantic involvement or to a tragic/funny story?

Have you found the very best brand for you? 

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