apply blush with a brush
or fingers?

My preference is to apply blush with a brush. However, it does depend on the formulation of the blush. Have you ever run out of blush or you simply forgot to pack it in your makeup bag? Eyeshadow would be the obvious substitute on most occasions, but the perfect colour might be your favourite red lipstick. And forget using a brush to effectively apply lipstick.

Let's look at the different techniques.

apply blush with a brush

I love makeup brushes and use them most of the time. Strangely, the brush that comes with your blush is normally useless for applying blush (go figure) so find some other use for it ... or throw it out.

The best blush brush is round and full: dense enough to pick up color but still fluffy enough to deposit it softly. Using an angled blush brush makes contouring much easier. If you prefer to apply blush with a brush, then a sable brush is recommended. This is because synthetic brushes tend to shed hair. But, you may have 'animal cruelty' considerations, so will not mind the shedding of hair of synthetic brushes.

apply blush with your fingers

If applying gel or cream blush, using your fingers works best as this can heat up the product which allows you to blend in easily. Others advise never blend with the fingers; the foundation will be ruined!

There are times when I have had to use lipstick as a blush. You too?

I simply dab three small dots of colour on my cheekbones with the ring finger, then carefully blend.

This is discouraged by some makeup artists because, apparently, the higher skin temperature of the cheeks causes the lipstick's pigmentation to separate from the base substances. I've only used lipstick as a blush on a few occasions, and have never experienced this separation. 

keep your brush, and your fingers, clean

If you don’t, your brush will harbour bacteria which will end up on your skin.

My easy and quick technique is to swirl the brush around a bar of soap, then swirl the brush in the palm of my hand and rinse under warm water. Leave to dry.

Fingers are a lot easier to keep clean yet it is amazing how many women do not wash their hands prior to applying makeup. We are often unaware of just how dirty our fingers are. Have you checked out the surface of your mobile phone or iPad lately?

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