Let’s Talk About
How to Apply Bronzer

Knowing how to properly apply bronzer will give that sun-kissed sheen on the temples, nose, cheekbones, jawline and chin.

Please never, ever break the one and only rule about application:
NEVER apply all over the face - ever!

Arbonne-bronzer Not only will the result look unnaturally flat (because bronzer is applied to give shape to your face), the colour of a bronzer is normally a bit darker than what your foundation color would be.

This means your overall colour will be darker than it should be and a colour that is too dark is AGEING.

I am pretty confident that is not what you want.
Yes, I know some makeup artists say to do this but think about it...

Your face is a landscape of valleys and hills, of dark and light; this is natural. Sure, we put on foundation to ‘even out’ the tone and this is to prepare the canvas of our face for what we then choose to apply to create the look we want: using colour and dark and light shading.

To see how to expertly shape your face check out my Sculpting Makeup Page

If you are not ready to go the whole way with Sculpting Makeup then you can apply bronzer to create shadows.

TIP: Apply bronzer under your cheekbones. Used in this way, the bronzer creates a shadow that beautifully defines and highlights your cheekbones.

What Colour Bronzer?

A matte bronzer works best for day wear.

Bronzer should give your skin a tanned look, not a muddy look.

Fair skin: (Sunburns easily) Peach, honey-coloured or pink

Medium skin: Medium brown or terra-cotta

Dark/Olive skin: Coppery shades

A natural sun-kissed look is never 'orangey' so avoid these shades.

Do not use peach blush with bronzer - it can make the golden tones in the bronzer look orange.

Best Way to Apply Bronzer

Bronzer is best applied after sweeping the final layer of translucent powder over your made up face.

Using a medium sized brush (gives more control) and a light hand, sweep over the areas mentioned above. Remember to tap off the excess bronzer prior to applying.

Don’t risk spoiling your makeup at this final stage; start light and build up.

Oh yes, and don’t blow off the excess bronzer.

Moisture in our breath can wet the bronzer and cause streaking; tap, tap and tap again.

When applying to the temples ensure you blend into the hairline.
We don’t want to see any gap between the hairline and the bronzer.

As always, check the application in natural light if you can.

So there you have it!

Beautifully blushed and bronzed, or are you?

How to Tell Using This Strategy

Check out how your bronzer application really looks by taking a digital photo of your face.

The photo will show where you may have applied too much colour.

This method can be very informative and is well worth doing, even if you only do it once.

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