Beauty and Science Really Helps
Us Aging Gals

by Sue

Beauty and Science Combats Age

Beauty and Science Combats Age

Beauty and science is becoming the best friend of those of us who battle the ravages of age.

I love that I have the option to turn my almost white stubby, sparse eyelashes into longer, lush looking lashes with beauty products like revitalash.

I love that mineral makeup not only hides the uneven skin tone that has developed over the years but also provides my skin with nutrients to keep it looking more vibrant.

I love that I can use lip plumper to fatten up my thinning lips.

Isn't beauty and science just wonderful?

As the Skin Care Instructor of a DIY Anti-Aging Skin Care website, I love to research and test the wealth of anti-aging skin care treatments that really work to diminish wrinkles, get rid of age spots, reduce those horrid dark under eye circles and puffiness and that firm my sagging skin.

It's also great that we know the science behind natural ingredients that also work great to make our skin look younger. There is nothing better than mixing up a quick and easy natural skin care recipe using ingredients found right in your own kitchen to give your skin a beautiful natural, younger looking glow!

Who doesn't want to look their best as they age?

I sure do!

Sue Dolan
Author of Naturally Skinsational ~ Rejuvenating Skin Care Recipes
Website: Skin Care Resource Center for DIY Facial Rejuvenation Techniques, Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments and Strategies

Wow Sue, Just checked out your website. A great resource for all women. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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