'Beauty Pain' - Are we that different to the women that have gone before us?

by Carolyn

On this page about the history of make-up, white lead is referred to as one of the most dangerous beauty aids.

Go back a few centuries in Japan. The Geishas painted their faces white as part of their traditional makeup. This white ‘foundation’ actually contained lead! Lead severely damaged their skin and sometimes caused back problems. Apparently, once they realised the lead was causing the problem, they stopped using it.

How they uncovered the issue was lead, I don't know. But it’s pretty impressive that they could identify the lead as the culprit back then.

Women used to go through all sorts of pain for the sake of beauty, but we still do. I’m no exception to the rule (which surprises me).

I got my eyeliner tattooed onto my eyelids – and I can’t stand needles!

I guess it links me somehow to so many women that have gone before me that have put up with ‘Beauty Pain’ just for the sake of more permanent makeup.

Thank you for your fabulous 'Beauty Pain' story Carolyn. Yes, what we women will do and have always done in the name of beauty.

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tattooed liner:0
by: Anonymous

How did you get your eyeliner tattooed?
Thats scary ...

Victoria's response:

Actually, you are commenting on a post made by a visitor to my site. Whilst that visitor can't answer, I will share my thoughts on this subject.

Yes, having eye-liner tattooed is scary ... just one slip and your eye could be gone. However, if you get a professional, this lessens the risk, and yes,there is risk.

Just imagine never having to apply eye-liner ... that's the benefit

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