The Makeup and Beauty of Women Over 50

The makeup and beauty of women over 50 – what a complex and fascinating topic!

Who are we? What do we care about? What is our role in this world of technology and its 'always on' way of living?

Share your story on what it means to be a mature woman
in this present day world.

Do we stand with head held high, proud yet humble, as we share our wisdom?

Is anyone listening?

As the world races by with ever changing technology, as we struggle with the latest bewildering gadget, many feel the lack of connection with others.

We see those who have little inclination to share priceless moments with the ‘oldies’.

I’ll never forget the first time I overhead my son referring to me as ‘the old lady’. Surely he was not talking about me?

“Youth is wasted on the young.”

I first heard that quite some time ago and now I know what it means.

But don’t get me wrong here. I would not trade what I have in wisdom, peace of mind, clarity and experience to be a young woman again. I would not go back even six months. I love where I am; right now; today!

And that means accepting my wrinkled skin, the jowls, the grey hair, the not so white teeth, the unflattering tummy fold of fat (which now appears to be a permanent fixture) and all those other external signs that are the makeup of a women into her mature years.

Let me be clear here, many mature women do look beautiful and are admired by many. The combination of a beautiful appearance and the warmth, confidence and experience of life is both alluring and powerful.

The Bonus of Inner Beauty

So what do I mean by ‘Inner Beauty’?

No matter how expertly and artfully one applies makeup, no matter what surgical procedures or enhancements one undertakes, no matter what latest ‘youth pill' one swallows, if the inside is sad, angry, bitter, resentful or ugly then this is exactly what will be seen on the outside.

Inner beauty is reflected in the eyes, in the smile, in the way you hold your body, in the timbre of your voice, in the sure way you deal with wordly worries, in your open mind and in your heart.

It is there for all to see ... if only they would look.

Sadly our society seems to value, indeed idolise, outer beauty. The inner beauty of the Elders of this time is not seen, is not appreciated and is not valued. Even sadder, many mature women accept this as normal.

We always have choices: do we go along with this and fade into the background becoming a member of the ‘Beige Brigade’ or do we take up our genetic calling and become the role models, the mentors, the wisdom givers, the ones who show patience and support for those who follow.

Or do we choose to live our lives quietly, purposefully, proudly and with dignity.

There are many ways we can choose to live our later years.

One of the best parts of being an Elder is the knowing we have chosen our paths in life; we were at cause and not at effect; we are the result of all those choices we made each and every day.

This is an empowering view because if we created our life and are not happy with the result we can change it.

This section of my web site explores aspects of our makeup so that we may recognise these aspects within ourselves and so fully recognise the value of our role in this world.

My Story

I recall the wintery days of walking along the beach at North Cottesloe, Western Australia. Huge waves would crash down onto the rocky pools and I noticed something.

The rocky pools closest to the water's edge (where all the action was) were constantly agitated. There was not a moments rest, everything was happening at once, every single second fresh water came crashing in. No rest, no peace, all action. Much like my younger years of life.

Then I noticed the rocky pools at the foot of the cliff. It was low tide so no fresh water reached those pools. They were stagnant, still and 'seaweed smelly'. Exactly how some view the later years of life.

I determined to live the rest of my life like the rocky pools in the middle. Fresh water would flow in every now and again and kept the middle pools sparkling clean and clear. Still peaceful and calm yet with a fresh and clear flow of the new.

Yes, I choose that way of being.

The world needs, has always needed,
the guidance and wisdom of its Elders.

What Does It Mean To Be a Woman Over Fifty?

How do you live your life as a woman over fifty?
What have you learnt? Are you living the life you want?
Is your life exciting, challenging, boring, difficult or what?
What wisdom can you pass on?

We want to know what you want to share!

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