What Are The Best Eyeshadow
Colors For You?

People often ask “What are the best eyeshadow colors for me?”

Rules abound over this one and I agree with Kevyn Aucoin’s view:
“There are no rules when it comes to makeup.”

You, like me, know when the eyeshadow you've just applied is not right.

Makeup trends are all about selling cosmetics. I believe in the classics with an adventurous splash of something different every now and again.

As well as being too enthusiastic with blush and using a really dark lip-liner, the enthusiastic application of vivid colour to your entire eyelid brings to mind that dreaded saying … you know the one I mean.

Spending 20 minutes to end up looking like a clown is not my idea of fun or time well spent!

However, I take great delight in having so many drop-dead-gorgeous eyeshadow colours to choose from.

Most flattering eyeshadow color This may surprise you because at first glance, this colour does not look gorgeous.

However, the surprise is in the application to your eyelids and how your eye colour will be beautifully and attractively emphasised.

This color is called 'Suede'.

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So if there are no rules to guide you, apart from your reaction to your reflection in the mirror, how do you choose your best eyeshadow colors?

But before we look at that ... there is one rule:

NEVER choose eyeshadow colors to match the colour of your outfit.

Eyeshadow is worn to enhance your eyes, to make the whites appear whiter, to make your eyes alluring, bigger, brighter and NOT to complement the colour of your dress.

And it’s not just about your eye colour; choosing the best eyeshadow color is also about your skin tone and hair colouring. So either go to a professional or have fun trying out different combinations. I love to have fun experimenting.

Here Are Some Useful Guidelines:

YOU Have Brown Eyes

You are lucky because brown eye colour is darker than any other natural eye colour so attention is naturally drawn to the eyes and it seems you can wear almost any color.

If you want to experiment, the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are golden browns, blues, greens, greys, purples and burgundy. Avoid a yellowish brown color.

YOU Have Blue Eyes

One of those ‘Rules’ is that people with blue eyes should never wear any type of blue eyeshadow colour. Wearing blue eyeshadow will make blue eyes look washed out. Is this true for you?

Recommendations are rich warm browns, warm taupes, soft peach colors and greys. Green may not look flattering; it depends on how blue your eyes are, your skin tone and which green hue you use.

YOU Have Green/Hazel Eyes

Golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches, pink, gold and soft violets work well.

To find what brings out hazel eyes, look at the flecks of colour near the pupil. This is my eye colouring and I find that copper looks stunning as well as a navy blue or green (as long as it is not too vivid).

Actually, vivid colour can be applied ... artfully. This means experiment with just a dab in the middle of your eyelid or just a dab at the outer edges of your eyelids or the outer edges of your eyelid crease.

YOU Have Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are unique and should definitely be shown off. Try black, charcoal, deep greys, deep browns, cool browns and purple to make your grey eyes stand out.

More Best Eyeshadow Tips:

1. Want an alluring look? Use metallic colors. Unlike metallic colours of yesteryear, these ones will not accentuate eyelid wrinkles.

2. Want bigger eyes? Shadows make things look bigger so mimic a shadow by using black eyeshadow. This takes practise, practise, practise so you don't look like you have slept in your makeup.

This reminds me of a tip I read recently: take the time to put on your eye makeup then rub your eyes. After removing the excess smudges underneath your eyes you will have a sexy, sultry look. I confess to not having tried this one yet.

3. Want to be different? Wear a colour that matches your eyes.

4. Want your eye colour to really stand out? Contrast colour helps colour to stand out. Colours on the other side of the color wheel make the best contrast color: so if you have blue eyes the opposite colour is brown - easy.

best color eyeshadow

When deciding on your best eyeshadow color, be aware that the colors can look a lot darker in the palette, so don't let color intensity keep you from trying a shade you like.

Makeup washes off, thankfully.

As I have grown older I have noticed my face colour is fading and I can look washed out and colourless at times. Unless you like looking colourless and washed out, ensure you provide a fair amount of contrast between your eyes, hair and eyeshadow.

Having grey hair, grey eyes and grey eyeshadow is sort of … grey.

I like it when my face has an interesting and attractive color combination.

Remember to not get too caught up in the ‘Rules’ because there really are none. It is what works for the unique, magnificant you.

Sometimes your best eyeshadow color is the one that just makes you feel good on the day.

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