BLACK Lip liner???

by Mary

I could not believe it when I saw your example title cause that is what I used to do, use black lip liner, especially with my red lipstick.

I thought it looked really good.

One day a guy I had connected with through RSVP said he had noticed I was wearing black lip liner. He said it in a way that made me feel he thought it was weird and was now making fun of me.

You have probably guessed we did not meet again.

When he left I rushed straight into the ladies and really looked at how I did my lips. I guess it did look a bit weird. As I rubbed it all off I felt quite embarrassed and wondered how I could have ever thought it looked okay.

Thankfully, I didn't beat myself up for too long and can look back and laugh now.

My daughter said she had wanted to tell me but didn't want to hurt my feelings.

I love your site. Thanks for giving me such good tips.


Dear Mary

Thank you so much for sharing your story.
I loved that you can now laugh at this experience.

I am sure many other woman remember using a makeup technique which they thought was a good thing at the time.

Thank goodness for having a sense of humour.

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