Celebrate Life

Birthdays - I love them! Birthdays are a time for celebration - and the older I get, the more cause for celebration.

I celebrate my health, I celebrate still being alive, I celebrate all my blessings over the last 12 months, I celebrate my growing wisdom, I celebrate all the positives in my life.

Challenges? Negatives? Do I get tired still working long hours? Do I sometimes feel lonely? Yes, but I choose to not dwell on them. I choose to learn and simply move on, enjoying the present and looking to the future with enthusiasm. After all:

Life is NOW
NOW is the edge of my future...
and my future is in my hands

Gotta go... it's my birthday this weekend, and I plan to celebrate!

Go Silvia!
Thank you for such an uplifting read. I agree, birthdays are to be celebrated - absolutely!

And, Happy Birthday to you ...

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