Best Eye Makeup Techniques

Have you ever spent time searching the Internet for eye makeup techniques and tips? Phew, all sorts of advice, some conflicting, some slavishly following ultra-conservative ideas and some simply downright ridiculous.

You know the ones I mean.

The many, many hours I have spent on researching the best ways of applying eyeshadow, combining ideas from the study of famous makeup artists and their eye makeup techniques plus my own little gems are all here on this website for your benefit and here are the two most important ones:

Two vital guidelines for applying eyeshadow are:

1. Less is more
Too much can end up calling attention to your makeup, not your features.

2. Blend, blend, blend

NOT doing this a big mistake if you are an 'older girl'. Harsh lines do not work for what one visitor described as "old age makeup".

Effective Eye Makeup Techniques:

1. I love mineral eyeshadows and I always use them wet.

Used wet, they reveal a new and exciting aspect of the color -deep and intense (as well as not being so messy). And what indulgent colours: sometimes metallic, sometimes shiny, sometimes be-jewelled.

Another bonus is that when used wet, they last for so much longer.

2. Use a touch of gold shadow on the brow bone to make your eyes look even brighter.

3. A metallic gold eye shadow applied to the centre of the eyelid looks very elegant.

4. With a gold or pink highlighter (white can be too bright) draw a >-shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. Blend with your fingers.

This will help make your eyes 'pop.'

5. To make eyes appear wider, trace the inner rims of eyes with a white or beige pencil. (Soften the tip of the pencil by drawing some lines on the back of your hand.)

6. For sultry evening eyes, trace the inner rims of eyes with a dark eyeliner pencil. This eye makeup technique may make your eyes appear smaller if you don't lightly smudge a deep colour close to the top and bottom eye lashes.

Try purple, grey, navy, a dark green and even black.

I know, I know - black! Just a touch can look quite good ... try it.

A favourite old trick used by top makeup artists

Petroleum jelly on the eyelid.

This look does require a lot of upkeep as the gloss and underneath eyeshadow colour will travel into the crease and look messy. Great for those special photos though.

A Stunning Eye Makeup Technique
To Frame Your Eyes

This technique uses cream eyeshadows and is a different way of applying eyeshadow to create a natural look.

To apply, blend by touching and pressing with a fingertip.

This prevents the colour 'moving' and gives a smoother finish.

Step 1.

Dot a small amount of a medium-toned, warm brown eyeshadow over the area from lashes to eyebrows. Blend as per above instructions.

Step 2.

Blend a dark-toned, earth brown eyeshadow into the eyelid up to the crease and to the edge of the orbital bone. This application should begin slightly away from the very inside corner of the eye.

Step 3.

Gently draw a line of dark gray eyeliner slightly below the lower lashes, extending just beyond the outside corner of the eye. Blend this line with a fingertip or a cotton bud so it is imperceptible as a line and gives the impression of thickening the lower lashes.

Step 4.

Using your index finger, lift the top of the eyelid up and away so the tiny rim of flesh just underneath the eyelashes is revealed. With a black eye-liner, draw a line along this rim. This will define the shape of the eye without the eye liner showing.

Step 5.

Curl your lashes, then finish your new look with black mascara. Stunning!

And the last of your makeup tips for this page.

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