by Katie

My eyes are very big and bold!

But let me start at the beginning ...
I'm petite, 17 years old with dark brown hair and medium tan skin.

I hate doing my makeup; I can never get it how I want it, mainly my eyes (which can either be deep brown or brown and a little green).

I need some help with making makeup look more my age and mature ... NOT TRASHY looking.
(I have to be careful with such big and bold eyes.)

By the end of the day all my eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara are gone.

What color of blush, eyeshadow and lipstick/gloss will help me with this?

Also would like some cute ways to apply my eyeshadow!
Such as casual and fancy ways, just everything! lol!

Any advice is VERY much appreciated!
Thank you so much y`all!

Katie! :)

Victoria's Response:

Wow Katie, many would kill for such big, bold eyes.

Makeup always comes off, even when the label says "Lasts for 24 hours" It doesn't, ever!

I'm guessing you mean 'classy' when you use the word 'mature'?

Big eyes don't need a lot of help so here's what I suggest:

1. Apply a light colour all over your eyelid.
2. Apply a contrast colour just at the outer edges of your eyelids, a soft green or a touch of purple perhaps, then blend into the eyelid (should cover the outer third of your eyelids).
3. Apply a soft brown in the crease of your eye, at the outer edges, then blend into the centre.
4. Apply mascara.

Simple, easy and classy.

With this strategic application of colour, you should not lose too much of it during the day.

BTW, if you want to apply eyeliner, this will make your eyes look even bigger. If that is what you want, get a waterproof one, Mac or Napoleon are good, and apply a THIN line on the top lid only.

There you go ... you will look fabulous for a lot longer :D

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