How I got perfect eyebrows for my age!

by Jessica

I follow these rules I made up about how to have perfect eyebrows

... because I never understood that eyebrows could make such a difference in facial beauty.

I am 13 years old (and want to look perfect) and always liked the way very thin eyebrows looked.

When I was little, I would look at teenagers and say to myself "They are so beautiful!" I kept wondering what was it about them that made them so pretty. They looked more mature; maybe?

As I've said, I had never really understood that eyebrows could make such a difference in facial beauty.

Now I follow these rules I made up:

1.) If you're 12 years and under
Shape your eyebrows just enough to make your face look soft and natural.

2.) If you're 13+ years
Thin eyebrows will suit you best because teenagers usually have that need for perfection. (This is a very stereotypical stage)

3.) 20- 25 years
You should have shaped eye brows. They should be about 1 1/2 inches long and thicker at the start of your eye and very thin at the end. Make sure they are trimmed!

4.) 26+ years
A trimmed shape. This is very important because at this time you are usually in the prime of your professional career. You want to score that important job so don't want to look too defined or fake.

5.) 30+ years
However you like!

I hope you like my rules?
Hopefully they could be a useful guide to you or even someone you know.

Wow Jessica!
You are certainly a budding makeup artist in the making.

Thank you so much for sharing your rules; I am sure other visitors will find them useful.

So ... what do you think of Jessica's Rules?
Do you have your own rules? Please share.

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