I could not survive without my foundation

I literally couldn't live without foundation! It covers up every imperfection

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Saved From Imperfection by Foundation?
by: Victoria

I understand that about foundation. Tricky thing is, are you using the right colour? Just yesterday I saw a woman who had the wrong colour foundation.

It was a yellow based one and certainly was NOT her colour. So instead of smoothing over and covering up that which we feel isn't quite perfect, it only served to highlight the perceived imperfections.

It's interesting to look at ourselves in the light of our notion of imperfections. We are 'imperfect' Indeed, that very imperfection can be the enchanting thing others see in us.

For instance, are you as sick as I am of seeing all those 'perfect' teeth? Goodness, how I now love the middle teeth gap or the slight unevenness of teeth. It makes that person seem more real, not 'fixed' to look perfect.

Notice those beauty pageants where they truly all look the same. Same plastic surgeon? We all have the right to do with our existence what we will. I'm simply stating my preference for a face that is not quite perfect. Because we are not, but we are our unique selves. And when we accept that, we will truly be one step closer to happiness.
Carpe Diem.
Victoria Rose

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