Just Gone 100% Grey!

by Elsa

Usual makeup now looks orangey.
Skins seems to have gone from olivey to a ? pinkier tone.


Victoria's Response

Just gone 100% grey, meaning you have stopped colouring your hair Elsa?

Or did you wake up and ... wow! Your new look?

As you have not mentioned what colour you were before or even what shade of grey you are now, this is truly a difficult makeup question (Thanks).

Some shades of grey are quite beautiful, in my opinion.
We can have a stunning platinum colour ranging to a 'dirty looking' grey.

If you decide to stay grey, and your usual makeup is now not working for you, the easiest way is to get yourself to a makeup consultant and take the time you will need to feel you look your best again.

Think how exciting that will be!

Let me know how you go Elsa.

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