This Lipstick Color is Not the Right Shade!

perfect lipstick color

As you walk away from the makeup counter, with your new lipstick color safely tucked away in your bag, you think to yourself how perfect the color is and how you can't wait to wear it tonight.

You didn't have time to try it on but it looked even better than the shade you normally wear.

Looking in the mirror later that evening, after you've applied your new lipstick color, you realise you have made a mistake. Although you thought the colour would be perfect, it absolutely isn't!

Has this ever happened to you?

When you are rushing and do not have time to try that new lipstick colour never forget the secret (there has to be a secret).

The secret to finding out a lipstick's true colour is in knowing what the undertone colour is because lipstick shows its true colours only after you've applied it.

So how can you tell what the undertone lipstick color is?

These lipstick colour tips let you know what to look for.

To find out simply go and get your favourite lipstick color and run the lipstick onto a piece of white paper. It's easier to see the undertones on white paper but harder to see on skin tone ... until it's too late of course.

Using your favourite brown toned lipstick, the basic undertones you might see would be:

Red-Pink Undertones make the colour seem warmer, but harder and deeper as well.

Be careful as these undertones can also bring out the red tones in your skin.

Yellow-Orange Undertones make the colour warmer and softer which looks great on warm skin tones.

However, if you have really pale skin these colours can bring out those green/blue undertones. To be on the safe side, lean towards the yellow side rather than the orange. Too much orange can make your skin look grey and sluggish.

Green-Blue Undertones make a lipstick more dramatic and deeper.

Try to stay clear of these if possible as they can make you look like you're standing under fluorescent lighting - unless that's a good look for you.

Silver-Grey Undertones add shimmer, softness and depth.

You will find these tones in the shimmer lipsticks that are so popular now. However, make sure there is not too much blue/grey as this can make those under eye circles stand out.

Green Undertones - Watch out for those trendy colours that usually pair green with a yellow tone as well.

Yes you'll look cool and hip but will also feel as if you need more colour on your face.

The Rule of Thumb

Whatever skin colour you have that you don't like (blue or gray under eye circles, redness, pink, etc) do not copy in your lipstick colour or undertone.

It's like wearing a red dress with sunburn; it just makes the problem appear worse than it really is.

Once you know what undertone your favourite lipstick color is; the ones that light up your face and make your teeth look white, then you can more confidently buy a new lipstick without trying it on first.

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