Are you always on the lookout for those best lipstick tips and techniques that make a difference?

No makeup look is complete without some lip colour whether it's lipstick, lip gloss, or just a slick of lip liner to balance heavy eye looks and give focus to the face when using more neutral eye shades.

However, while most of us take time with our eyes, our lip color is often just dashed (and smudged) on with the stub of a lipstick.

So what are the best lipstick tips and how do you
find out about them?

It can be quite confusing listening to what the 'experts' say and spending precious time watching makeup videos on the internet can add to the confusion, especially if you want advice on how to apply lipliner

Disdain from a makeup artist

Whilst many makeup artists recommend wearing lip liner, one male makeup artist spurned this trend saying pencil plus lipstick looks dated. He then proceeded to demonstrate the "Bitten Lip Look" asking older girls to take note. He demonstrated on a very young model blessed with full, moist, cupid-bow baby lips.

Okay, I admit to chortling in disgust at his demonstration as my lips do not have that ‘just born’ look but in the interests of research, I decided to try his lipstick tips. Although the result was better than expected, I played around with it to get the best result for my 'older girl' lips. 

His technique consists of three steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Using your finger, rub a moisturiser/balm or foundation primer into your lips.

 Choose a ‘fruit of the forest’ colour (a purple/deep red shade), apply a light coat to your lips with your finger and rub in.

Step 3

Using your finger, dab a very small amount of lip gloss onto the middle of your bottom lip.

These lipstick tips work well for achieving that dash of colour yet still natural look.

My adapted technique changes step 3:

Adapted Step 3

Using a soft, deep red lip liner, outline your lips then rub in with your finger then apply the gloss. This gives more definition and fuller lips whilst still maintaining that natural look. Lipstick tips like this are worth trying. 

Find out the secret to always choosing the right lipstick colour 


So how can we, as mere mortals, achieve those luscious, kissable, Goddess lips?

Unfortunately, despite the fact our lips are a part of the body that has the thinnest skin and the least natural moisture, we rarely include them as part of our skin care regime. This results in many of us ending up with chapped or dry lips and having to spend hours re-applying color because our lip shades won’t stay put.


Include your lips in your skin care regime.

If you have dry, cracked lips, this may be the best of my lipstick tips .

Simply follow these steps for longer lasting lipstick: 

Step 1

Prepare your lips by using warm water, a washcloth and a safe, grainy cleanser.

Apply cleanser directly to moist lips and rub off by using circular motions. This will help work most of the dead, dry skin off, revealing smoother, plumper lips. Alternately use a damp, soft toothbrush and lightly brush over lips to scrub away dull, dry skin cells. Exfoliate your lips once or twice each week.

Step 2

Apply a non-petroleum based moisturiser to exfoliated lips. (Skin can become addicted to a petroleum based moisturiser and eventually end up drier). Blot off excess moisturiser.

Step 3

Apply a light coloured concealer over lips to even out skin tone and give a good base.

Step 4

Using a freshly sharpened (gets rid of any germs) lip pencil in a colour of your choice, blend lip liner over the lips with a finger, brush or cotton bud. 

Tip Want Added Pout?

Use white eye liner to outline the centre of both top and bottom lips. These are the lipstick tips that make a difference.

Step 5

Apply long lasting lipstick with a brush. Ensure you start from the centre of the lips and extend to the inner corners. Smile when applying your lip color. This stretches the lip and allows you to coat the entire surface exposing every furrow to be filled in with pigment.

Note: Long lasting lipstick is notorious for drying out lips. Choose one wisely.

Step 6

Press 1 ply tissue (gives finer coverage of powder) over lips then using a cotton pad, gently push loose powder through tissue over lips to set colour.

Step 7

Using a lip brush apply the final layer of lipstick then dab a small amount of shimmery or light-grabbing gloss in the center of your bottom lip to highlight and plump up your pout in an instant.

TipsExperiment by using a light colour in the middle and a darker colour on the edges of your lips. This gives an interesting effect. Have fun!

Lipstick-on-Teeth is not a good look! Place your index finger between your lips and pucker up. See that lipstick on your finger? That could’ve been marking your teeth so do it again, just to be safe.

I know what you're thinking

Phew! That's a lot of steps Victoria! I know. It does seem complicated at first, but give it a go anyway. It's amazing how easily and naturally you'll do this, if you decide you like the result :)

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