which lipstick type for you?

What do you prefer - a sheer slick of colour or a bold and colourful statement? Even so, colour is not the only consideration when deciding your best lipstick type. Do you like a solid wall of colour that lives up to that claim of lasting forever or do you desire a sheer shine that lasts barely five minutes? You get to choose.

lipstick type - gloss

With lip gloss, you can treat yourself to maximum lip shine and major softness. But not all lip glosses are created equal. Some have plant extracts and natural elements (eg. peptides) to leave lips feeling quenched and intensely moisturised for a smooth-looking, plumped-up lip-line. Read the label.

One downside of lip gloss is that it doesn't last long (and is likely to bleed). One drink usually means more gloss on the glass than on your lips. To avoid this, discreetly lick the glass before taking a drink. The saliva will act as a barrier and your lip gloss won't stick so much.

If you have small, thin lips, lip gloss shine enhances the dimension of depth.

And it goes without saying that lip gloss can be applied on top of your regular lipstick colour.

lipstick type - satin

Creates a satin-glossy finish, contains more color and is less sticky than gloss.

Satin lipsticks have high oil ingredients so can appear darker in the package than they will be on your lips. The lipstick colour 'Iris' is a good example of this. Looks quite dark, but when applied becomes a beautiful, soft berry colour. Another characteristic of lipsticks with an oil component is the need to re-apply them often.

More moisturising than matte lipstick but will need frequent application.

lipstick type - matte

Creates intense, solid colors, but has little shine and contains few moisturising benefits. Always apply lip balm before you use them. Matte lipsticks provide a flat, not shiny effect to your lips, which some women prefer.

Let's tackle those long-lasting lipsticks here too. They are mostly very drying for your lips. If you're one of the lucky ones who can wear them, go right ahead.

lipstick type - lip pencils

Perfect for creating definition and are softer and thicker than liners. However they have a tendency to dry lips, so it’s best to stick to neutral or shimmery shades. Unfortunately, dark shades show more flaking.


Have you been there? I know I have.

It is a fact that many lip pencils will outlast lipstick any day of the week so how can you keep your lips looking great all day long?

Consider this when applying lip cosmetics:

1. Invest in Quality - cheaper lipsticks tend to fade more than professional cosmetics.

2. Use a base for your lipstick - Try using blusher as a base for your lipstick. Pat blusher onto your lips with a brush and you will find your lipstick has more fade-resistance.

3. Use blusher as a lip liner - Some lip pencils go on so thick the color overpowers the lipstick. A quick remedy is to use your blusher as a lip liner as well.

These lipstick tips help prevent any feathering or bleeding and that has to be good news!

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