As you look into the mirror, about to apply your lipstick, you long to know how to make the best of your perhaps not-so-perfect lips. Here are top tips and techniques to help you define your lips in the most flattering way, just like an expert.

Following these step by step instructions allows you to easily create the look you want.

Using lip liner to first shape your lips is a must, yet many women do not know a simple technique that is a foolproof way to

perfectly outline your lips every single time. 

Of course, after you've sharpened your lip pencil first.

What lipstick Colour is Best?

Many women match their lipstick to the colour of the outfit they are wearing. This is wrong!

The absolute first criteria is to choose a colour that makes your teeth look white. Some colors make your teeth look off-white or even yellow.

Not a good look!

Whether it be brown or hot pink, first ensure the chosen colour makes your teeth look as white as they can be, then match to your outfit for the look you want.

Talking about colours, what is the best red lipstick? 

This could be tricky. Red ranges from elegant to very sexy. But beware, more than any other colour, red is prone to the infamous 'feathering effect'. Very aging and most unattractive. Lip liner will help diminish this effect.

Over 60 Red LipsA Beautiful Smile

Does a blue-red or an orange-red suit your skin tone? Or perhaps even a fire engine red?

Experiment, experiment, red is worth it! You can be wearing all over black yet the application of an alluring splash of red transforms from drab to dramatic.

Many of us have seen the email about how much lipstick we lick off our lips each day and how bad that is for our health. Research has shown the amount we actually do ingest is under two kilos for the entire year.

Whatever the truth, there is a real concern about the ingredients, especially the question of how much lead in lipstick. And lead is not the only concerning ingredient lurking in your cosmetic bag. 

but There are always other choices

Yes, there are always other choices and in this instance, they are good ones. 

Mineral Makeup is also an exciting, natural product range that actually has the ability to improve your skin. Mineral lip colors are extremely moisturising, have a stunning colour range and give you peace of mind every time you apply them due to their natural, lead-free content. Have you tried organic? Vegan Certified?

These are just some of the other options for those of you who are concerned about applying harmful ingredients to your precious lips. 

A beautiful smile, enhanced by any lip colour, is attractive, makes you feel good and makes others feel good too. Yet there are times when it's not easy to smile, to be inspired.

So download your free inspirational poster and hang it up somewhere so you see it every day.

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