Makeup Makeover Magic

I have always been fascinated by makeup makeovers. Those ‘before’ and ‘after’ images are like a magnet to me.

Have you noticed how, in many of those images, the woman is not smiling in the ‘before’ image? Her hair is often unruly as well.

There is no doubt her smile and groomed hair certainly enhances the ‘after’ picture. Perhaps it is because we feel more confident when we look our best so we smile more?

Being confident is such an essential part of living a truly fulfilling life. Even the world's best makeup artist can’t help with your 'Inner Beauty’

Without recognising and accepting your own ‘Inner Beauty’ you cannot live the full potential of your ‘Outer Beauty’.

Back to the magic of having a makeup makeover!
Whilst browsing a makeup book on the Amazon website, I spotted these comments:

“I'm 53 years old and have forgotten how to put on makeup.”

“I am in my early 70's, work part time and I'm still very interested in looking my best!" (Go girlfriend!)

makeup for mature women

This is me, Victoria :)

makeup for women 60

I am eternally fascinated by the changes a woman can make to her features to create a certain look, a certain mood.

Yes, I do feel more confident with makeup yet have also accepted my no-cosmetics look. I am still who I am, whether I am wearing cosmetics or not.

Take a look at Sofia and Denise's Makeup Makeover story

Okay, this is a 'Makeover' but in a different sense. Sarah is showing a cleverly made up 'natural' look first, then how glamorous we can look with artful application of color.

Arbonne Cruelty Free Cosmetics

And Yes, Sarah is clearly NOT over 50, but I've had a 13 year old share her wisdom in my comments section, and indeed it is true: these tips and techniques apply to women of all ages.

CLICK on the image above to discover the cruelty-free, premium products Sarah used to achieve her beautiful look.

Talking about you ... you are obviously still very interested in looking your best otherwise you would not be reading this page.

What I want to do with this page is to offer you the chance to tell your story with words and images; to be an inspiration for all the women out there who are still very interested in looking their best, or who just love creating different looks with cosmetics.

So here’s the deal:

Share Your Story

Images would be great too. It would be preferable to have a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image but if you prefer to send only an ‘after’ image, that will be okay.

Then, in a few words, tell us your story. Let others know how it has been for you and what wearing makeup does for you, how did you learn what you know, how did your makeup makeover go?

Those few words can be as few as fifty to sixty words – much like the length of the last two paragraph.

Decide to be part of this, to help others who are not as confident as you, to show your delight and pride in being who you are.

My intention is to share our stories with other women over 50, to be an inspiration, to have fun; it’s that simple.

I am so looking forward to developing this concept with you.

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