My Makeup Journey

Applying makeup to enhance and define your unique features, to highlight your elegance or to simply spotlight your funkiness is an exhilarating and fun journey!

Come on this journey with me.

Hi there, my name is Victoria Rose and I warmly welcome you to my makeup2enhance website.

My home is Melbourne, Australia, having moved here from Western Australia ten years ago.

I LOVE experimenting with cosmetics.

I LOVE the different effects I can create.

I LOVE having this much fun!

My interest in cosmetics blossomed when I was around 40 years old and boy, did I have a lot to learn.

So how does one learn the art of making up one's face?

At around that time I happened to pick up an amazing book in the library; a book by a famous makeup artist, Way Bandy, called 'Designing Your Face'.

I was fascinated and challenged to at least attempt some of his techniques.

After all, he made up the faces of all the glamorous and beautiful celebrities of the day. What a difference it made to how I presented to the world and I was hooked.

It did take me quite some time to implement his ideas, some of which I just couldn't understand, but I never gave up practising and improving.

Way Bandy was Kevyn Aucoin's mentor. Kevyn wrote many cosmetic books including the one I have right here: 'Making Faces'.

So I read books by other famous artists, attended courses, accessed websites devoted to beauty and more recently watched some Youtube videos. I am dedicated to continually experiment and apply different techniques to my own 'mature' face.

Unfortunately, most beauty websites target young women, with perhaps a token few lines for the "older girls".

I decided to take up the challenge and bravely provide the information I thought would help others who, like me, wanted to apply makeup in ways that were interesting and effective.

This website is for those women who delight in their maturity, who appreciate the freedom the years bring, who have open minds, who refuse to be cast in the same 'old' mold.

Please join me on this adventure of pure delight and discovery of who we are.

I welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have and any topics you would like to see included on my site.

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Come, let us journey together.

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