Mascara and Nasty Ingredients

by leah

I was putting on mascara when I lifted the brush and spilt the bottle all over my clothes ...

After I changed and re-applied my mascara, I went to the gym. It wasn't long before I started sweating, and the mascara started to run down my face. Not a good look!

The point of my story is, I got pimples in a line where that mascara had run down my face. Hmmmmm ... what could possibly be in the mascara to do that?

Victoria's Response:

Leah, who could possibly know. Your story does illustrate our need to be aware of the cosmetics we use.

Research shows it doesn't have to be a cheap brand to contain 'nasties'.

Our face, our body, our hair, our health, OUR responsibility to choose which brands we use.

Don't you think?

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