by Sonia

I've got brown eyes and hair and a fairly light complexion, which often leaves me looking pretty monochromatic. What can I do to look more "lively" without putting on too much make-up?

Victoria's Advice:

Hi Sonia

How to look more 'lively' without putting on too much make-up? Good question.

First of all, you are lucky to have brown eyes, being dark they already draw attention.

Try this: apply a warm beige colour to your eyelids.

Then, using a darkish brown, create a shadow in the crease of your eye and blend to a soft look.

Next, dab a touch of colour on the outer quarter of your eyelid. Try using golden browns, blues, greens, greys, purples and burgundy. (Avoid any yellowish brown colour.) Experiment with a copper colour.

Add a hint of colour for blush - use my 'Magic Line' guidelines on the Blush page.

Finally, lightly apply illuminator to the middle of your face: forehead, ridge of nose, the sides of the base of the nose and just under your lower lip.

Shouldn't take long to apply, should look 'lively' and you will be even more fabulous!

Hope this helps.

Here is the link to my eye colour page:

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