my teeth are yellow

by pinky

I have yellowish teeth which are accentuated with few lipsticks. I have tried finding undertones but still I dont understand which shades suit me best.

Personally, corals are my favorite shades as my lips look natural in those! But I think they tend to yellow my teeth further.

I have a fair to whitish skin which becomes pink at times, and I also have slight grayish dark circles.

Please suggest which lipsticks suit me. Thank you!

Victoria's Response:

Hi Pinky

You are right!

Coral colours may look natural but these colours will make most women's teeth look even more yellow.

If your concern is to have a natural look, then I recommend brown lipstick.

Yes, perhaps it doesn't sound so good, but I can tell you that when I wear brown lipstick, my teeth look amazingly white (and I have not had them whitened).

Perhaps on those occasions when you want a more dressy look, use a red lipstick that has a blue undertone.

A red lipstick can have an orange undertone and this will not help with your yellowish teeth. Make sure the red lipstick has a blue undertone.

Pinky, let me know how you go with these colours.

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