Natural Mineral Makeup
How Good Is It Really?

And so the debate rages.

If the ‘experts’ are divided on how natural mineral makeup is then this simply means we have to conduct our own investigation and come to our own conclusions.

Let’s look at three points of view to help in our consideration:

1. CHOICE is an Australian company that provides unbiased product reviews and comparisons to consumers. Their report called 'Mineral Make-up Not So Natural' explores the mineral foundation's promise of a fresh look and a product that’s good for your skin.

For anyone who wears foundation, this sound likes a dream.

CHOICE trialled 14 mineral makeups, from budget to premium and were primarily interested in seeing how mineral make-up compared with more traditional cosmetics.

CHOICE were curious - is it really natural?

CHOICE contacted experts who said it was quite a stretch to define mineral makeup as ‘natural’. Here’s why: most of the mineral ingredients naturally contain traces of toxic impurities and require chemical processes and purification to render them safe for cosmetic use.

As a cosmetic, mineral foundation cannot make any therapeutic claims. 

The CHOICE Verdict

Despite the hype, mineral make-up doesn’t improve your skin, nor can it be considered a “natural” alternative to other types of foundations – it is simply an alternative.

Many mineral foundations don’t deliver the benefits promised. Some also contain potentially dangerous nanoparticles.

Check the ingredients that, by law, should be listed in order of quantity from largest to smallest either on the bottle, the packaging or should be available at the point of sale.

If you are interested in knowing more, go to the CHOICE website where you can read the full report.

Another Expert Opinion

2. Even though every mineral makeup company claims mineral foundation has many marvelous qualities, including being great for improving acne, moisturising skin and not clogging pores, dermatologist Philip Artemi says none of these claims are true.

“Natural mineral make-up isn’t anything but an alternative kind of make-up; nothing more” he says, arguing it does not have a therapeutic effect.

As for being more natural than other kinds of make-up, again mineral foundation fails to live up to its claims.

Our Final Expert's Opinion on Natural Mineral Makeup

3. Dr. Douglas Grose, founder of Australian Skin Clinics says:

"When dealing with clients who have problems with acne or any clogged pore issue it is important they be shown all the right things to do to help their skin but also be educated about doing incorrect treatments or using incorrect products. The two products that cause most of the problems I call ‘M & Ms’ (Makeup and Moisturisers).

Any product that adds pore-clogging oils to the skin will aggravate congestion problems. Dye based makeup falls into this category.

Changing Australian Skin Clinics clients over to using mineral powder based makeup is one of the cornerstones of our acne management program.

Our programs would not be nearly as effective if we did not use mineral makeup.

In some cases, simply changing to a mineral based makeup is all that is needed to solve the problem. 

We have now been recommending mineral powder based makeup for many years.

We can confidently say that it does not aggravate acne or clog pores, even in quite severe cases.”

So there you have it.

Three opinions offering important aspects to consider when you make your decision to use natural mineral makeup ... or not.

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