Never Be Seen Without Your Makeup!

by Jane

I have a friend ( it's not me, honest) who has been married for five years and her husband has never seen her without her makeup. She gets up in the morning, before he wakes up, and puts her makeup on then gets back into bed.

It staggers me to think she does this. I've seen her without makeup and sure, her skin is a bit blotchy and she has some wrinkles as well as bags under her eyes but so what! At our age, who hasn't?

This is her second marriage and he seems to be a lovely man who treats her very well, so why she goes to these extremes is beyond me.

My friend's motto is 'never be seen without your makeup, ever!'

Just imagine if she contributed to this page - well, she just couldn't do it.

I admire the two women who have. They look lovely with and without makeup.

I could not put my before image up, not gutsy enough for that.

Good luck with getting anyone else to do it!


Thank you for your thoughts Jane.

I am sure your friend is not alone in this. With such a focus on being 'youthful' in our society is it any wonder some go to such lengths.

And so far, you are right about the "Good luck with getting anyone else to contribute" bit. Lots of visits to this page yet no-one else wants to contribute, so far.

That is why I have an 'Inner Beauty' section. It is no good looking gorgeous on the outside if the inside is ugly.

Ah ... we are such complex beings.

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