Never leave home without your red lipstick on!

by Sally Mort
(Melbourne, Australia)

They laughed at my red lipstick antics:

A few years ago, three lady friends and I decided - with a lot of persuasion from me - that we should fly to King Island for a few days.

We arrived at the airport laden with 6-pack bottles of wine each, as we were unsure what was available on King Island. The pilot actually asked if he could take our picture.

We landed at King Island airport, hired a car (many years old) and made it to our wonderful rented house in Grasse. It was quite cold and we warmed ourselves with lots of wine after dinner at the only place open - the Club with shared toilet facilities!

Early the next morning, I woke up freezing cold and realised the heater was not working and there was quite a strong smell of gas. So, I put my coat on over my pyjamas, put my red lipstick on and strode off to the owner's house.

The girls thought it was hysterical that it was 7am, I was in my pyjamas, but I wouldn't leave home without my red lipstick on!


You are a woman who has her priorities right Sally. Thanks for sharing your Story.

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