How to Pluck Perfect Eyebrows

So we have determined our perfect eyebrow shape using The Scientific Method, but before we detail how to pluck perfect eyebrows, let's look at another method for finding our perfect shape ... naturally.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows, Naturally

Notice the shape of your top lid along the line where your lashes grow.

No other person will have this exact same shape; it is uniquely yours.

Using slant-tipped tweezers (these are the best to use) shape the under-curve of your eyebrow to conform with your lash-line shape.

Make sure you are looking straight into the mirror to achieve this perfect-for-you eyebrow shape.

Can you experiment with other shapes?  Sure you can!  Just be mindful of your given natural shape and for your most naturally attractive look, please consider not straying too far from it.

Unless you're doing a Star Trek impersonation of course ... and we've seen how that looks, haven't we?

Pluck Perfect Eyebrows at Home

There are a few methods like waxing (ouch!) and threading (not so ouch!), but let's look at the easiest one you can do at home.

Yes, that would be using tweezers (okay, ouch! ouch!).

Tweezers are not only the most affordable option, it is easier to get a precise line for your perfect eyebrow shape.

1.  Hold the skin taut (helps with the pain).

2.  Keeping the tweezers against the skin, run them back and forth, opening and closing as you go.

3.  Pull in the direction of the hair growth, or you may end up breaking the hair mid-shaft.

TIP: Pluck some hair from the left brow and then some from the right brow so you can control the symmetry of the brows, making sure they are the same shape.

TIP: Pluck after a warm shower, as this softens the skin.

After all these years of plucking, my eyebrows are almost numb to pain, but if yours aren't then after tweezing, soothe the area with cool wet tea bags.

Finally, if you still get red, pluck before you go to bed.

What Type of Tweezers Should I Use?

To pluck perfect eyebrows, you need the right tools:

Thin Tip: Good for grasping small, fine hairs and plucking ingrown hair

Slanted Tip: Gives maximum control

Square Tip:  Best used for removing coarse hairs or several hairs at a time

Pointed Tip: If you have very dark, coarse hair

How to Trim Eyebrows

A big mistake some women make is not trimming their brows.

When the eyebrow hair is long, you can end up plucking out too much hair when all you really needed to do was take out some bulk first.

Simply brush your eyebrows straight up and if there are any hairs coming out of your natural shape on top, then trim them.

Use a fine-tooth regular comb or an eyebrow brush to push eyebrow hair up and then just trim what is outside the shape with small scissors (preferably eyebrow scissors).

Take a look at how these famous women wear their eyebrows ... what do you think of their color & shape; of their ability to pluck perfect eyebrows?

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