Powder in the Wrinkles

by Elle

This is a question about my mum. She has always looked after herself and I have always been very proud of her.

However I have noticed, as she is getting older, that the way she puts on her foundation then compact powder means the powder ends up filling in all her wrinkles.

This makes her look just terrible and much older than she really is.

I don't want to hurt her feelings but want to help her look her best.

What can I say to help her?


Thank you for your question Elle.
Here is one way to tackle this pesky issue.

Firstly, using a primer prior to putting on foundation really does make a difference to the finished look. The wrinkles will still be there (of course) but the primer helps to minimise the lines. Another bonus is it makes one's skin feel so smooth and soft.

Secondly, let's look at how your mum applies her powder.
I always recommend Way Bandy's method and use it every single time.

Ask your mum to try this as the very last step of her makeup regime.

Shake a fine layer of translucent talcum powder into the palm of her hand (holding the container high above her hand so only the finest mist of talcum falls into it).

Taking a big, soft powder brush, gently brush over her palm and, ever so lightly, apply this fine mist of talcum powder to her face.

Believe me, this is enough to set her foundation and the powder will not settle into her lines.

Unfortunately a compact (pressed) powder is more likely to highlight those wrinkles.

I hope this helps.

How lucky your mum is to have a daughter who cares so much about her.

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