Red Lipstick = Instant Confidence!

by Sarah Wagner
(North Carolina, USA)

I am blonde, and I have always adored high fashion. Buying my first red lipstick was the step into womanhood for me.

My stepmom always told me to take it off, that 14 was too young for red lipstick. But I didn't look 14. I soon began searching for the perfect shade of lipstick, and once found, it was worn on a semi regular basis (I was sure to switch it up with some pinks and nudes.)

Wearing red lipstick draws attention to your lips, and when you wear it right, it is a showstopper. I always pair it with black and white outfits, for that extra pizzaz.

I had girls tell me how envious they were that I could pull it off. The truth is, they could definitly rock it too, but they were afraid.

Red lipstick is instant confidence.

Victoria's Response:

Yay Sarah!

Loved your post and I so agree.
Never really thought of red lipstick as a 'first step in womanhood' but yes, it certainly is.

And yes, most women can wear a shade (has to be the right shade for them) of red lipstick. It does make an impact and one does feel so confident.

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fuller lips
by: katherine

I do not have full lips but with red, cream lipstick, they look bigger than when wearing a nude or other lighter shade. Also, my complexion instantly gets brighter.

Ginger kid
by: Katie

As a redhead, my mother always told me I couldn't wear red lipstick.

I found out on my third deployment that she was wrong and that there were red lipstick shades out there for Gingers!

It was incredibly empowering to know I could finally pull off red lipstick!

Victoria's response:

Fabulous Kate!

I have a couple of wonderful red-headed friends and red lipstick transforms them. All we need do is watch Mad Men to find proof red lipstick works.

Good on you for discovering one of many ways to feel like an empowered women.

Wish I Could Wear Red Lipstick!
by: Anonymous

Just doesn't suit me, and I have tried many different shades. I can only look longingly at all those stunning red shades and imagine I am wearing one.


Victoria's response:

Dear Anonymous, BUT I bet you look fabulous in a mysterious brown or luscious pink colour ...

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