Red Lipstick My Favorite

by Jacqui
(Vic, Australia)

I love to wear Red Lipstick and always have.

One of my older sisters was a beauty consultant when I was growing up and I thought she was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen.

I would watch her get ready to go on a date all dressed up in the latest fashion then she would sail out the front door looking like a movie star, hair and make up picture perfect, white teeth surrounded by Red lips.

The minute she was gone I'd get into her make up products that sat on her dressing table. The Red lipstick was always the first thing I'd apply, often it was the only thing because mum would come in and catch me and I'd be banished to another room.

When I look back now I was so lucky that she was never angry with me for bending and breaking her lipsticks.

I constantly broke them because I had no skills applying make up. Mum said I was too young to be wearing make up so there was no point in my sister teaching me how to apply it. I'm sure this has left me with a passion to wear Red Lipstick (and a lot of it).

I love the glamour of Red lips.

Red lips say 'grooming and sophistication', they also say 'daring and adventurous'.

Even when Red was 'out' over the years I stuck with it. Pale pinks and wishy washy lips just drain the colour out of my eyes, my face, my spirit, so stick with Red I say!

Tip: When one lipstick runs out and I can't find the exact same shade of Red I use the old one to blend in with the new as a lip liner.

I take care not to wear a nail polish that will clash with my lips like a pink etc.

The colour Red gives me the lift I need and immediately makes me feel dressed up. I especially like Red lipstick when I wear all black.

Red! Red! Red! Is there another colour for lips ... I don't think so.

Yeah Jac! I am with you on that one!
(Loved the bit about your older sister.) Thanks for sharing such a delightful story.

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My Big Sister Wasn't So Kind
by: Laura

Your story brought back memories of my big sister except she did not like me using her makeup, ever. I can't blame her now, but then I did not understand and thought she didn't care for me as her little sister.

I got quite clever at still getting into her stuff and 'practising' with her red lipstick - my favourite- until she totally banned me from her room.

I do remember throwing a tantrum and sulking a bit.

We don't see much of each other now because she has moved to a different country (no, not because of me!) but I always send her a new shade of red lipstick for her birthday. I love my big sister.

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