My Style Smokey Eye

The smokey eye look is smouldering, sultry and soooo much fun!

You will need more time than normal, especially if you have not tackled smokey eyes before. The extra time will be worth it because this technique will take your eyes from tired and puffy to smokey and seductive … after a bit of practise of course.

So be determined to enjoy this next period of time, however long it takes, and let’s get down to business.

Smokey Eye Basics

I prefer to apply foundation after I have completed any eye makeup look, and especially with the smokey eye look as dark eye shadows are typically used.

If your preference is to apply foundation first, ensure you have a protective layer of translucent powder sitting underneath your eyes before you start. This means you can easily brush off specks of dark eyeshadow that will drop onto your cheeks.

TIP: It is best to use powdery eye shadows because creamy textured eye shadows are more difficult to smudge and blend.

Choose your colours.

The traditional smokey eye makeup colors are dramatic black or classic grey. A popular alternative is to use less intense colors: violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple.

Remember, the eyeshadow colours you choose are not about the colour of the clothes you will be wearing.

Just like when choosing your best lipstick color always keep in mind what works with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.

Black or grey works well with any eye colour but if you do want something different here are some tips:

For Blue Eyes purple or dark blue eye shadow will look great. The dark blue eye shadow in particular, as it will be darker than your eye color and greatly accentuate your blue eyes.

For Green or Hazel Eyes try a deep khaki, dark green, brown, purple or plum colour eye shadow.

For Brown Eyes try copper, coffee and chocolate to give a great effect.

The basic technique needs two color coordinated eye shadows: a darker feature color and a lighter supporting color. Colours with a bit of shimmer will lighten up your eye in a playful way; matte colors will give a more mysterious, sultry look.

My preference is for three or four coordinated eye shadows in dark, medium and light colors. Shading the entire eyelid with a dark colour is too heavy for my face so I will share with you my interpretation at the end of the basic technique.

How to Apply Smokey Eye

1. Apply a cream concealer over your eyelid to create a smooth base for your eyeshadow.

TIP: To give your lids a more shimmery finish and prevent colour from fading, pat a cream shadow over the concealer on your lid first, wait a few minutes, then top with a matching powder shadow.

2. Apply a soft black eyeliner pencil line to upper and lower inner eye area (from the inner corner to the outer corner). If your eyes are quite big you can draw the lower line right along to your inner corner; if they are a little on the small side, stop lining half way in.

The wider you make the line, the more intense the look.

Smudge gently into the lashes with a cotton bud or an eyeliner brush.

A simple alternative is to apply wet eyeshadow with a flat, angled, liner brush; just touch the brush to the lash line and you're done.

I noted one young lady gave an important piece of advice on her video: “Ensure the line is angled up at the corners for young looking eyes. If this line goes down it will make sad old eyes.” Wise words indeed!

TIP: Eyeliner is key to making your eyes pop. Without eyeliner, eye shadow use can cause your eyes to look tired, sunken and small. Never use liquid eyeliners for the smokey eye look as they create sharp lines, not a soft and sultry finish.

3. Sweep the dark shadow over the lid and into the crease, blending the color up and outward.

TIP: Try placing some tape at the corner of your eyes, angled upwards. This will help with the placement of the dark eyeshadow at the sides of your eyes, making both sides even.

4. Dust the light eyeshadow over the browbone and blend into the dark colour to soften the edges. Smoky eyes are soft and smudgy with no harsh lines.

5. This is a stronger look so you may need to fill in your eyebrows a bit more to match the effect.

6. Now for the mascara and lots of it.

Remember though, this is a soft look, not a spikey look.

My Style Smokey Eye

First of all, I have to confess; this has always been my most difficult eyemakeup look.

If it is too dark it looks just ghastly with black eyeshadow smudges making me look quite tragic, and if too light, it doesn’t look anything like the smokey eye look.

Not one to give up easily, I finally found a way that suits me. Still dark but not as startling; I hope you agree.

This is absolutely a night look and those soft lights do enhance the effect.

The Steps to My Smokey Eye Look

First, to ensure smoother and longer lasting eye shadow application, apply a thin layer of foundation to your eyelids followed by a thin layer of face powder (to set the foundation).

This gives a clean canvas for the eye makeup and will help to prevent the eye shadow from creasing. You will also get a more even and accurate application of eye shadow colours.

1. Apply a beige shadow over entire eye from lashline to brow line.

2. Using a soft purple eyeliner pencil trace around the lashline of the upper and lower eyelids. Smudge into your lashes gently with a cotton bud or eyeshadow applicator.

3. Taking a small amount of purple eyeshadow powder on your round brush, cover in the outer corners of the eyes and half of the eyelid as well as the eyesocket crease. Start with a small amount; it is far easier to build up than have to decrease the intensity of color.

4. Taking a very small amount of black eyeshadow powder on your round brush, press onto the very outer corners of the eyes and smudge in.

5. Taking a small amount of black eyeshadow powder on your small, angled brush, touch along the top and bottom eyelid line; then smudge.

6. Reapply beige eyeshadow to the inner half of the eyes.

7. Line the inner rim of the top eyelid with black kohl pencil.

8. Line the inner rim of the bottom eyelid with white pencil.

9. Curl lashes; apply two coats of mascara.

10. Wipe off any unwanted smudges, then apply foundation, blush and set with a light dusting of translucent powder.

A touch of colour on the lips and perhaps some gloss as well.

You look good!

Yes, I know there are more steps to this interpretation of the smokey eye look. However it has been worth it for me.

Please share your interpretations and ideas, we'd love to hear them.

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