by Pam Boyd
(Dallas, TX USA)

In my late forties I believed my life was about over and, frankly, (as compared to my expectations) a big disappointment.

My almost grown kids were struggling, my husband was clinically depressed, my job was less than satisying, and I had no time or money to change anything...I thought.

Today I am 57 and am having the time of my life! My life is taking the shape it was always meant to have and I know my life has just begun.

The positive changes started when I changed my negative energy to positive energy, tapped into my inner strength and talents, acknowledged that I had POWER and that I had NOTHING to fear.

It was motivating to realize the worse that could happen was that I would go broke chasing my dreams and if that happened I would be in the good company of others who have also made sacrifices for their passions.

In light of the alternative of continuing on the same path and ending up clinically depressed, suicidal or maybe even institutionalized, that didn't seem so bad :(.

Since those changes began, I have written and produced an independent film, had a book published, written more books and screenplays, found an amazing life partner, traveled the world and taken up painting, tennis and running.

My kids are my friends and I have hope for the future.

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I'd love to hear your story too!

Such an inspiring story Pam.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with other women. We are enriched by knowing about your journey and how you changed your mind to change your life.

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