Who doesn't love red lipstick?

by Josie
(Los Angeles)

I have worn red lipstick for eight years. It instantly makes me feel more confident and sexy!

I feel like a totally new person when I wear it!

I always get the occasional male who gives me the "Yo baby you look hot with them bright red lips!" but my fave one so far was from a 3 year old that asked his mom if I could give him a kiss because he thought I was snow white. Lol ... and of course I gave him a big red smooch on his cherub cheeks!

Later that week I saw his mom again and she told me that he wouldn't let her wash off the kiss imprint when it was bath time that evening!

I love that memory it makes me even more confident in red lips knowing a child likes it on me since they're so brutally honest! Lol

Response from Victoria:

Josie, I LOVE your story.

Thank you so much for sharing it. I chuckled at that 3 year old, he is smitten for life!

You go girl!

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