Who Wants To Be a Woman Over Fifty? Not Me!

Okay, so I AM a woman over fifty and I can tell you life is tough! My kids are grown up and don't seem to need me anymore. Now my ex has found a younger woman. I look at myself in the mirror and what do I see?

It's not a pretty sight.

I am grateful for having a couple of good friends. They tell me to take up a hobby, get an interest; easier said than done. Nothing really interests me. I get up, go to work and come home to watch TV with a red. I mean a glass of red wine.

I used to exercise but can't be bothered anymore. It seems I am invisible when I am waiting to be served these days.

I feel guilty sometimes because I don't have a bad life, it is just so boring. And I know that is my fault and I feel even more guilty about that so then I reach for the chocolate.

So the truth is I am fat, fifty and absolutely not fabulous! There, I've said it!


And thank you so much for saying it!

Sometimes it helps to get those thoughts out of your head down onto paper so you can see them. Only then can you really 'see' them and, perhaps, decide what you can do about them.

Because you CAN do something about them, if you make up your mind to do so.

Wishing you well!

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55 NOT Fabulous AT ALL!
by: Grandma

I'm 55 and not fabulous.

I'm overweight but have fought my weight for 40 years and am tired of that war. Besides, currently, I think I have lost it, anyway.

Life is boring. My adult kids are boring. I don't really like babysitting the grandkids as much as my kids think I do.

No new hobby stands out as a thrill to try.

I do have regrets and would change some decisions of my past if I could.

I don't like the dark circles and wrinkles.

My job is boring.

I don't have the money to travel.

My husband's medications have rendered him impotent for the past 5 years.

50 and Fabulous? THUUUUUU!

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