The Secret Message of Wrinkles

The truth is written all over your face: the wrinkles tell your story.

Yes, your life’s story is there, in plain view, for all the world to see. Every line has a story to tell, whether it be one of happiness or despair, excitement or boredom.

As I look at my face in the mirror, the lines on my forehead remind me of those many moments of anxiety, those many moments of anguish spent worrying about what the future might bring. Those lines are a reminder not to waste any more time on worrying, on focusing on that which I do not want in my life.

Here is a favourite quote by Oscar Wilde:

“I am a very old man who has suffered many misfortunes, most of which never happened.”

Be very careful with the habitual patterns of your expressions. Before you know it, you have that furrow between your eyebrows, those deep lines on your forehead, Botox is not a better option.

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

Do you see these deep lines running down from your nose to the sides of your mouth – your laughter lines. Sometimes we forget how often we have laughed, how often there have been good times.

Sometimes we forget to be grateful for what life has granted.

In these later years of my life, I find I am grateful for many simple things: the rich greenery and shelter of a tree, the intoxicating smell of a rose, the soft sound of rain on the roof, my son’s mischievous smile, the wonder of my daughter’s growing passion for her studies and the smooth, delicious taste of chocolate.

Yet there is no denying those crinkly lines around my eyes.

Yes, I am guilty of squinting. I only wear sunglasses on a bright day or when in a blindingly bright environment, like the beach or the snow.

My strong belief is that our eyes need to ‘see the light’. The price paid: even more wrinkles and lines around my eyes.

If we cannot accept and embrace who we are at this stage of our life, when can we?

Last year, I remember admiring a photo of a beautiful model in a magazine. Technically beautiful, that was true, but something was wrong. It took a while, but I realised she had not one line, not one wrinkle on her face - not one. Her face was as a china doll, no expression, no character, no passion, and no warmth. Almost non-human.

Do not despair at those lines, those wrinkles.

See them as evidence of your life here on earth. Evidence of the incredible experiences you have had, the lessons learnt, the people you have met, the difference you have made.

I refuse to allow my photos to be air-brushed, I have earnt these wrinkles.

Notice you have earnt them too; you have lived!
Continue to make it a life worth living.

Please never ever, forget what a beautiful smile you have
and what a difference a smile can make.

Grumpy is not a good look!

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