Yep! It's Eyeliner!

by Pam Boyd
(Dallas, TX USA)

It was so funny, Victoria, to see you write that, because I have thought this sooooo many times! In fact, when I am traveling internationally and don't want anything extra in my purse, I take out all the makeup EXCEPT EYELINER!

But, here's the(over 57 years old) problem with eyeliner, in my opinion.

I used to think that "old ladies" had forgotten how to put make-up on. Now I know first hand why it looks like they've forgotten!

It's not that I don't know how, it's that putting eyeliner on my eyes is like trying to paint a straight line on cold gravy! I know that is absolutely gross, but it's true! My skin is just too wiggly! There are too many wrinkles and they just won't hold still!

I'm gonna use your tips and hope I get better at "painting gravy" :).

Thanks for your insight, Victoria!

Pam, you have a way with words.

"Painting gravy" this made me laugh but is so true for so many women over fifty.

Delighted my tips and techniques help; let me know how you go. Thank you for sharing

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by: PAM


Thanks so much for being light-hearted and honest too!

It's nice to know we can relate to each other and give each other a boost!

Great February to ya!

Me Too!
by: Sarah

Hello Pam, I loved your comment. Thank goodness I am not the only one who feels that way about her eyelids.

My kids don't understand why I still bother putting on makeup anyway. I really don't wear much. It just makes me feel good to dab on a bit of colour and some lippy.

I have to be careful with how I apply my blush though. I have tried Victoria's magic line it works so well for me. Certainly helped me look better.

My one item would be my red lippy. I also use it as a blush.

I probably should have gone to the red lipstick page but your comment made me laugh so much I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

To think I am one of those 'old ladies'. Luckily I still feel young at heart and I think that is so important.

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