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sofia's makeup makeover


I’m Sofia and whilst I love my down time without makeup – I feel more confident with makeup.

As part of my life as a speaking coach, I believe it’s 'Impact' then 'Appearance' and then 'What you Say' that is the order of priority.

Perception is everything.

If I had to choose just one item of makeup (in addition to good skincare products) it would be brush-on blush to create contours on the cheeks and jaw-line.

Then my next essential would be concealer – to brighten under my eyes and top of cheeks.

What I have found to be essential is to get frequent advice from makeup consultants, stylists and hairdressers to help put together the whole picture.

Colour, style and coordination are so important to me.

My session with a fabulous Stylist has changed not only my wardrobe, but my life!

TIP: And here’s a little tip for women of my age (around 60) who might experience “lipstick bleed”. After you apply lipstick, dip a cotton bud into Vaseline and apply a very fine line above the lipstick. Keeps your lipstick in place and not escaping through your lip line.

Enjoy being the best you can be and speak with confidence!

Thank you so much Sofia for your wonderful story and makeover images.

mature woman of 60

My name is Denise and although I love the effect of well applied makeup, I have no idea how to apply it to best suit me.  

I also wonder what are the best products and colours for me.

There are days when I look into the mirror and am pleased with the finished look. However, there are more days when I look into the mirror and tell myself I need help.  

The truth is I've been doing my make up the same way for years - without really knowing how to get the different looks that I see and love in other people.

denise's makeup makeover

I feel makeup is important for a well groomed look and has a great impact on how you feel.  

I like the idea of exploring the different effects you can get, which is something Victoria introduced me to.  

Not only did I look and feel better, but  this reminded me just how much fun you can have with makeup!!

Thank you so much Denise. I loved your makeup makeover story and that you wanted to share it with other wonderful and fabulous women over fifty.

Your Makeup Makeover - Delight or Disaster?

How did your makeup makeover go? Share the impact, whether it is a rant or a rave! If a disaster, what would you do differently next time? What did you love about the experience? Share your story.

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